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Преподаватели > Monzer Elabrashi

Commercial Director
The Coca-Cola Beverages, Poland

Monzer Elabrashi is a world class marketer with hyper successful international marketing career. Monzer started his career at the Coca-Cola Company in Belarus and then Ukraine as a brand manager. He worked for the Coca-Cola Company in various positions as Group BM, Marketing Manager, Brand Director all around Europe in Poland, Budapest and UK, and then as General Manager for The Coca-Cola Company Sweden and Norway. From the Coca-Cola Company he moved to Red-Bull as Commercial Director for Eastern Europe and Asia to get some unique international business experience. Having settled in Poland, Monzer is now back in the Coke business as Commercial Director for the Coca-Cola Beverages, Poland.

Monzer has a lot to share on marketing as he has seen it developing from classical marketing of 90s up to our days. His vast experience in the Beverages category is extremely valuable and open to Academy students. Monzer is also willing to share some tips and ideas for developing a successful international career in marketing.